My real name is Peter Olofsson, and I live in Umeå, Sweden with my wife María. I studied electronics engineering at the local university. My main interests are music, computers and electronics.

In 1982, at the age of four, I got my first real drumkit. Listening to the Beatles and the Beach Boys mainly, I started learning by ear. My father is a guitar player/singer, so we used to play together. My brother Stefan picked up keyboard around that time, too.

There was always music in the house, unless me or my brother were playing some record, my mother would be listening to 10cc or Steely Dan, or my father would transcribe songs for his band (often 4-part harmonies!). It was very educative, although I didn’t realize it until many years later.

I studied music in high school, playing drumset, latin-american percussion but mostly classical percussion. At that point, it was all about music for me - it was years later that I decided to study electronics engineering (out of sheer interest).

Nevertheless, I’ve been playing in bands all the time, most recently with State Cows and Dynamo Bliss.

Long story, but my mother is running the webpages of Jay Graydon (guitar player, songwriter, producer), as well as Sonic Thrust Records (together with Jay).

Currently, I’m deep into modern web development. My goal is to help people making their web sites look great regardless of what device they’re using (laptop, iPad, smartphone et c). There’s a LOT of work to be done here.